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CIO Challenges Since 1992

About the CIO Institute

Chief Information Officers, their deputies, and their closest advisors are a community of practice responsible for ensuring that information technology is deployed effectively to support enterprise goals. In the early years of information technology, CIOs had few trusted channels to share lessons learned in solving important problems. The CIO Institute began in 1992 as an informal group of CIO community members from very large government agencies who shared the goal of identifying what works and what does not work in areas of great opportunity and high concern to people who serve as CIOs.

Beginning with the creation of the Government Technology Leadership Awards, the CIO Institute has designed and provided essential assistance to new programs and institutions to help them become continuing sources of information on solutions to challenges faced by CIOs. Its first target was data warehousing, but by 2000, cybersecurity had shown evidence of becoming an existential issue and most of its work in the past two decades has been focused on cybersecurity. The CIO Institute’s portfolio includes the Data Warehousing Institute, 1995, the Center for Internet Security, 2000, the Critical Security Controls, 2008, the U.S. Cyber Challenge, 2009, three landmark reports from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation, 2020, What Works in Finding Elite Cybersecurity Talent, 2021, and several other initiatives.

The CIO Institute’s current focus is on supporting promising practices for expanding the national pipeline of elite cybersecurity talent to protect enterprises and nations in the face of escalating cyber intrusions.

CIO Institute Initiatives
Through the Years
Government Technology Leadership Awards
The Data Warehousing Institute
Center for Internet Security
Critical Security Controls
U.S. Cyber Challenge
A Human Capital Crisis in Cybersecurity: Technical Proficiency Matters
Recruiting and Retaining Cybersecurity Ninjas
The Cybersecurity Workforce Gap
The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation
What Works in Finding Elite Cybersecurity Talent
Using Certifications to Rank Cybersecurity Job Candidates