Our History

Sharing What Works in Meeting CIO Challenges Since 1992

Chief Information Officers of public and private enterprises are a community of practice that, in its early years, had few channels, beyond marketing literature and some trade media to communicate with one another.

The CIO Institute was established so that a diverse group of CIOs from large corporations and government agencies can share lessons they learned about what works and what does not work in areas of great opportunity and high concern to people who serve as CIOs. For 25 years, their medium has been stories describing specific challenges faced, mistakes made and techniques discovered to overcome the challenges. Their successes provide an empirical basis for identifying best practices so that other organizations do not always have to learn the hard way.

The Latest

Cyber Ready: We continue to hear from hiring officials that very bright and highly educated applicants typically lack the foundational knowledge and skills to become highly skilled cybersecurity professionals without an enormous additional investment. The problem persists despite the fact that colleges and universities have rolled out more than 1600 new academic programs in the past two decades. This initiative seeks to build a consensus in the CIO community on the essential knowledge and skills to measure that determine whether employees are ready to work on the field so that we can:

Provide a tool that college students can use to demonstrate their mastery of those skills so that hiring officials can see a meaningful profile of their skills: and

Influence the development of cybersecurity curricula by communicating to colleges and universities in specific terms what we are looking for.

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