The Data Warehousing Connection

In the mid-nineties, large companies and government agencies began to recognize the business value of assembling and analyzing sales and operations data. Their only sources of information about applications at the time were a few stories in magazines about Walmart’s data warehousing success, vendor’s promotional case studies, and conferences every 3 months filled with paid vendor presentations.

Believing user case studies were of greater educational and business value than vendor promotional pitches, the CIO Institute created a membership organization called the Data Warehousing Institute to enable sharing of stories of success and failures.

Within two years the Data Warehousing Institute’s educational conferences accounted for more than 95% of attendance at all data warehousing conference. The first “What Works” booklet was published by the Data Warehousing Institute in 2005 and its three re-printings totalling more than 150,000 copies showed that users preferred to learn through What `Works stories. The Data Warehousing Institute has trained more than 30,000 technical professionals and its research programs have helped advance the state of the art in numerous important ways.