Government Technology Leadership Awards

Several judges of the “Federal 100” Awards decided that technology awards might do even more good if they included detailed stories of the problem that was solved, the techniques that were used, the challenges that were overcome and the measures by which the benefits were proven. At the same time, the judges concluded the Federal 100 did not recognize the responsible teams, while individual heroes are important, real breakthroughs are almost invariably the result of teams that worked together to make the success happen.

With the help of Timothy Clark, Editor of the prestigious Government Executive magazine, they launched the Government Technology Leadership Awards program. Nominations required detailed stories and endorsements from top leaders of the agency in which the team worked affirming the importance of what they had accomplished. Over the next 12 years, more than 160 teams in federal, state, local and international government sites were recognized, feted at huge award ceremonies, and described in the pages of Government Executive magazine so others could learn from the experience of the award winners.